Studio & Firm Information


Studio | Hoos Architecture is a design studio located in downtown Vero Beach FL. Currently, the firm's focus is Residential projects that integrate highly executed architectural elements with the tropical climate of Florida, along with speculative commercial and mixed-use developments. 

The studio space acts as an art gallery for the artist, Anna Maria Botera, exhibiting her work in the Gallery Stroll on the First Fridays of the Month in downtown Vero Beach.



Thomas Hoos, AIA, LEED AP

Principal Architect

Thomas has over 25 years of experience in architecture, design, planning, and construction in leadership roles. 

In addition to his prior partnership, Vigneault & Hoos Architecture, he has worked with a number of internationally known design firms, including Frank O. Gehry and Richard Meier, on major projects in USA, Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, Japan, and Middle East. Thomas' expertise includes a variety of building types, such as residential, cultural, commercial, hospitality, retail, mixed use, high rise office, and science & technology buildings.

His vast knowledge of architecture, design  and construction lend to his strengths across disciplines, as well as building client relationships and providing outstanding project delivery. 


Suzanne Davis


Suzanne earned her Bachelor of Design and Master's in Architecture from the University of Florida. In addition, she received an Architecture Academic Excellence Award and Certificate in Sustainable Architecture from the UF College of Design, Construction, and Planning. Suzanne's academic studies also included study abroad experiences in Italy and Mexico.


Virginie Boudet
Office Manager